More and more parents are turning to natural deodorants when their kid’s natural smell becomes a bit more pungent. As parents we don’t want our children to have to deal with the stigma and teasing that can occur if they have body odor but we also don’t want our children to start putting harsh chemicals on their bodies, especially in delicate areas like the arm pits.

At Fresh Kidz, we stand behind our chemical free deodorants and hair and body cleaners for boys and girls and are excited when others also notice what a great all natural product it is.

My Kid Needs That, an online resource developed and managed by child-loving parents for parents who want the best for their children, recently named My Fresh Kidz Deodorant as one of the five best deodorants for kids in 2017.

Here’s what My Kid Needs That had to say about Fresh Kidz deodorant for boys an girls, “Among all the deodorants that we have seen, the Fresh Kidz has a very unique formulation that allows it to work not for 12 hours, but for a whopping 24 hours. This simply means your kid will be applying it today and he or she will feel and smell fresh and clean until the following day. Fresh Kidz doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like parabens, aluminum, and even alcohol, which can dry the skin. And in case you’re concerned that the Fresh Kidz will leave a stain or even a mark on your kid’s clothing because of its roll on design, worry not as the natural ingredients won’t affect the fabric of your kid’s clothing. Fresh Kidz is available for boys and girls as well as a variant that doesn’t have any fragrances for a more natural smell.”

At My Kid Needs That they focus on helping parents make the right decision for their children and at My Fresh Kidz we do too. If you have started to notice body odor in your tween or teenage son or daughter, have them give Fresh Kidz deodorant a try. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fresh smell and effectiveness of our natural deodorant and the lack of chemicals or other harsh additives.


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