When your child has sensitive skin, finding the right soaps and lotions to put on their skin can be a challenge, almost impossible. But at least when they are very young, there are baby products out there to help guide you in the right direction. However, as children get older they may feel like products for sensitive skin can have a baby stigma attached to them. At this age impression is everything and even the most confident girl or boy may stress about friends seeing them using products with babyish images on the label. If  your choosy tween has started to have body odor that baby products can’t control or is ready to grow up and leave the baby products behind, Fresh Kidz deodorants and body washes are the next, all-natural step.

Before Fresh Kidz deodorants and body washes, there really weren’t many good  choices for parents who wanted to protect their children’s skin from bumps, rashes and irritation, yet still help them to feel clean and smell good. That’s why our founders spent years perfecting the perfect recipes for our products. With more than 20 years of experience in the pharmacology field, they knew how to combine the right, all natural ingredients to develop a formula that is free from all the things you try to avoid. Free from chemicals, free from gluten, free from aluminum, parabens and alcohol, free from sulphites and free from worries. Fresh Kidz deodorants and body washes are safe and effective for children of all ages and are still gentle on even the youngest, most sensitive skin.

You were choosy about what you put on your child’s body when he or she was a baby and you want to continue to protect them against rashes and irritation as they grow older while giving them the knowledge and desire to pick products that are safe for their skin and effective. The makers of Fresh Kidz products are parents just like you and we share in the same desire to keep our kids’ safe, protected and clean. That’s why Fresh Kidz deodorant and body washes are made with all natural ingredients that are safe for every type of skin, for kids of all ages. On top of that Fresh Kidz deodorants and body washes are effective at controlling every day body odor so you child can play their favorite sport, dance to their favorite song or run that extra mile with confidence and grace.

In fact Fresh Kidz ingredients are so kind to skin that even the youngest among us can enjoy using them at bath time or even at craft time to make bath slimes and jellies without you having to worry about it harming their skin.

You may be asking yourself, if Fresh Kidz is free from chemicals, what exactly is in it that makes it so effective? We have the answers you’re looking for.

Nobody wants rough dry skin and Fresh Kidz products will keep your child’s skin feeling soft and smooth with sunflower seed oil, aloe vera plant extract and coconut oil – all three are well know for their soothing skin qualities. Your son or daughter may be looking for a more grown up scent and you want one that’s easy on your senses as well. The Fresh Kidz secret to that is sage and chamomile essential oils to give our deodorants and body washes a great, refreshing scent that teens and tweens love. While the essential oils are doing their job, quartz absorbs moisture and lemon and lime juice along with some help from the herb fennel knock out the bacteria that are responsible for body odor.

Fresh Kidz products have been tested and approved by dermatologists and are suitable for all skin types. Let your child find their favorite scent and say goodbye to body odor and hello to a kind, confident teen.

Author Bio: Marcy Sanford is a mom and writer. She has been published in Tampa, South Tampa, Tampa Bay News & Lifestyles, and World of Westchase magazines. When she’s not seeking out the healthiest, best products for her family, she enjoys being outside, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

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