We’ve known for years that Fresh Kidz Deodorant is one of the best natural deodorants for kids, but it’s nice to hear that health news professionals think so too. Healthline, one of the fastest growing consumer health information sites online, listed Fresh Kidz as one of the top deodorants for kids with sensitive skin. All the articles on Healthline are vetted by an independent panel of medical professionals.

Fresh Kidz is proud to be the makers of one of the best all natural deodorants available. Our unique formula was specifically designed for kids and tweens. Since the very beginning Fresh Kidz has been committed to providing the most excellent deodorant for kids – one that not only stops body odor all day but one that is also free from harsh chemicals and additives that could irritate sensitive skin. Fresh Kidz deodorant for boys and girls is free from aluminum, parabens, and alcohol and it is effective at preventing body odor for 24 hours.

We don’t want body odor to make our kids feel embarrassed or bad about themselves but we also don’t want them putting unnecessary products on their bodies. Fresh Kidz chemical free deodorant provides all day protection from body odor without the use of harsh chemicals or additives so your child can go about their day, enjoying their favorite activities without having to worry about how they smell.

Not only does Fresh Kidz offer the best natural deodorants for boys and girls with all day odor control but our new line of chemical free hair and body washes have been receiving rave reviews for their gentle, but effective cleansing power and lovely natural scents.

If you’ve found yourself wrinkling your nose because your child has started to have body odor, give Fresh Kidz a try. They’ll love the refreshing scent and you will too.


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