Parenting is wonderful and exciting but also comes with its fair share of confusion and frustration. Unfortunately, they don’t hand out guidebooks as you’re leaving the hospital and even if they did, it probably would not do you much good since each child is beautifully unique from the very beginning. If you’re lucky, you have a community of people you can turn to when you have questions or need advice. Many websites broaden that community and help you navigate the many intricacies of parenthood. Here are a few of our favorites as well as some recommended by our mommy tribe.

Looking for A Good (and Appropriate) Book, Movie or TV Show?

commonsenseseal_screen_360pxCommon Sense Media has long been my go-to guide when trying to determine if a tv show, movie or book is appropriate for my daughter and many of my friends say they also use it on a regular basis. The reviewers on the site even rate apps, games, music and websites. All the information is easy and quick to read and comes with age appropriate guides and information on any questionable content. There is a place for children to write reviews as well, which has often helped me decide if we should watch or skip a movie. Additionally, the site provides lists and suggestions if you’re looking for something new to entertain you and your family.

If you have a daughter, A Mighty Girl is a great resource for finding books, toys, music and movies the celebrate courageous, confident girls.

Need Advice on Your Child’s Health and Development?

healthy-children-logoThe American Academy of Pediatrics’ Healthy Children website offers advice to help you raise healthy kids from birth to young adult. From cradle cap in infants, toilet training for toddlers, body odor and hormones in tweens and stress in teens, whether you want general advice on your child’s health or are looking for information about a specific issue, you’re likely to find a pediatrician written article here that will help you out.

Since 1989 The National Parenting Center has been providing comprehensive advice to parents on everything from developmental guidelines to travel reviews. They also independently review and test products that are marketed to kids and award some with their seal of approval.

Need a Friend to make you Laugh?

When it works the right way, the web can create a community of people to help support and boost you through difficult times. Many blogs out there are created by creative moms who want to share their trials and tribulations with others. On her website The Midlife Mamas Karen explores and celebrates being a mother later in life. She also writes many blogs and gives advice about helping boys find themselves and grow into mature, loving, open-minded young men.

Messy Motherhood offers a guilt-free, judgement free place to explore the messiness of motherhood and get advice on yelling less and enjoying life more.  Developed by a children’s mental health counselor, she shares tips and tricks on how to calm your child when they are inconsolable, ways to stop bad attitudes and advice to mothers on how to stress less and enjoy life with your children.

Need a Good Laugh?

Holdernesslogos5_17_16knockedout.dwgLet’s face it – there are times when you feel like you can’t handle another tantrum, eye roll, or sleepless night. When you just need a good laugh and proof that your family is not insane – or at least not the most insane one out there, the internet can provide welcome relief. Awkward Family Photos will make you laugh out loud while silently celebrating that none of your family’s photos come even close to being so crazy while The Holderness Family’s funny musical parody videos will leave you with a smile on your face while they explore many different family and parenthood topics like your child’s slime obsession and the back to school elation that you may feel after a long summer.

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