There is no escaping it, your child has body odor. They run, they play, they run some more, and they never seem to slow down. When you, as any reasonable parent would, suggest they take a bath, they say they don’t have time. Maybe you thought this issue of not wanting to take a bath went away along with their sweet toddler scent but no, tweens and teens often cannot be bothered to take the time to bathe.

How can you turn shower (or bath) time into something they’ll look forward to?    Help them turn their bathroom into a teen spa they’ll enjoy retreating to at the end of the day.


Step 1 – Get Rid of the Clutter – Your teen may think he thrives on clutter and chaos or she might think she knows which pile of junk includes what but a De-cluttered space is essential for relaxing. Clean out the cabinet under the sink – there’s no telling what you’ll find – do you really still need that frog shaped humidifier? If you still need extra storage once you’ve purged the cabinets and drawers, consider investing in some storage baskets or over-the-toilet shelves.


Step 2 – Create a Calm Space – if you’re like our family, the décor in your child’s bathroom is the same as it was when they were 2. Definitely time for a redo. The great thing about the bathroom is you don’t have to change a lot to make a big impact. If the walls are too bright or blah consider painting them in a more calming color. BEHR’s new color palette for 2018 includes tons of tranquil options, with Zen-like names, such as their color of the year, In the Moment, a cool, tranquil spruce blue. Quiet Time and Off the Grid are calming grey tones that will calm the room. The comfortable colors are inspired by nature and will put your stinky teen in the mood for some relaxing time in the tub.


Step 3 – Get the Right Lights – If you can, consider installing a dimmer on your existing lists. Or if that’s not an option, you can always buy some inexpensive nightlights. Have them turn the bright overhead lights off and get ready to reflect upon their day.


Step 4 – Add Little Music – What teen doesn’t love music? Mine even wants to take her phone into the bathroom so she can listen to music. But we all know how hard it can be to relax when your phone is pinging and dinging plus even if it is waterproof, phones and bathrooms just don’t go together.  You can find wireless speakers that do not cost much. Some, with lights, can even serve double duty for steps 3 and 4.

Step 5 – Add the Right Scents – you can use candles in scents your kids will love to help create a relaxing mood, but a diffuser is safer and can have the bonus of also including fun lighting options that will add to the atmosphere. Lavender, vanilla, valerian and jasmine are considered the most relaxing scents.

Step 6 – Choose a Few Choice Accessories – if your child loves to read in the tub, consider a bath tray with a book holder. Or if they really want to chill out, a bath pillow could be the ultimate luxurious accessory. If they haven’t had new towels in a while, purchase a few oversized plush towels and finish everything off with a comfy bath rug.

Step 7 – Stock Up on the Right Bath Time Products – Fresh Kidz body washes for boys and girls will add the essential ingredient to any spa-like bath time experience – great scents and bubbles. Give them a bath pouf and bath time becomes even more fun. With all the extra storage space you have, be sure to stock up on Fresh Kidz all natural deodorant for them to use post- bath. It smells great and is chemical free and will keep your son or daughter odor free until the next time they retreat to their new spa-bath.

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