Remember the days when we were uninformed, and we could just walk into the drug store and grab whatever deodorant was on sale? Life was more simple then.

Well, that isn’t the case anymore…we are more informed than ever! Now you turn products over and look at the ingredients list on the back. Wow. You now realize that half of the ingredients that are in this product you can’t even pronounce! And you use these products on yourself, and/or your family, every day! You might, now, do a little digging, and find out that a lot of these chemicals can be very harmful to you, and your family. You may then learn that some of the ingredients in conventional antiperspirants and deodorants have been linked to Cancer, Alzheimers Disease, and bone disorders.

Here’s the good news. Now that you understand the risks of traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, you have an opportunity to make more informed choices when shopping for your family. You care about your family, and you want to provide them every opportunity to lead happy, healthy lives. Why not switch to a cleaner, safer deodorant? Find a chemical free deodorant option for yourself. Try a few out, and see which products works best for you. Buy a chemical free deodorant for your spouse, and ask them to trade it out with their usual conventional deodorant for a while. Switching from a conventional deodorant/antiperspirant to a chemical/Aluminum free deodorant can be difficult at first. But, assure your spouse that after a week or so, their body will adapt to the change.

There are even chemical free deodorant options for your children! Yep, specially designed, safe, chemical free deodorant options for your kids! Fresh Kidz Deodorant is an amazing option if you are considering purchasing deodorant for your child. Here are a few reasons why.

1 Healthy Lymph Nodes.
Balanced lymph nodes are important for many different reasons, not simply for breast cancer prevention.

2 Won’t Stain Clothes.
Aluminum free deodorant will not turn your children’s clothes yellow, as many typical deodorants will. Our cream-based deodorant will wash out if it does come in contact with their clothes.

3 Unclog Pores.
Allowing your pores to open up is very important for the health of young skin, especially in the under arm region. There are countless treatments available now to open pores on your face. Why should the rest of your body have any less attention?

4 Vegan-Friendly.
Many pharma-deodorants include animal byproducts. All of Fresh Kidz products are completely vegan-friendly.

5 Cruelty Free.
I bet you didn’t know that a number of companies test their products on animals. Fresh Kidz is committed to never testing its aluminum free deodorant on animals.

6 Skin Sensitivities.
For a lot of kids, chemicals, when applied to their skin, can give them heavy rashes, hives and lumps. Conventional chemical deodorants, and antiperspirants in particular, can create an intense adverse reaction. Fresh Kidz, and other naturally based deodorants, can help you avoid these uncomfortable side effects, and will also prevent dry, chaffed, and itchy skin.

7 Prevent Toxins From Accumulating in The Body.
Even if we don’t notice it today, tomorrow, or even years from now, putting chemicals into, and on, our body on an ongoing basis, is never a good thing. Anytime that we can limit the exposure of unnecessary chemicals in our children’s’ environment, we are improving their chances for good health down the road.

8 Go Gluten-Free. .

Those who are allergic to gluten, or have Gluten sensitivities, may react to using products containing Gluten on their skin.  A Gluten Free Deodorant, like Fresh Kidz, will prevent possible reactions.

9 Body Odor Embarrassment.

Kids can be cruel.  And normal hormonal changes in your child can cause embarrassing body odor, which can open the door for teasing and bullying from their peers.  This teasing can lead to a decrease in confidence and negatively affect their performance at school, and other activities.  Practicing good hygiene at home, making sure your child bathes regularly, and providing your child with a deodorant that is safe and effective for their young skin, like Fresh Kidz, are all good ways to minimize the occurrence of embarrassing body odor.

10 Because it’s Cool!

Fresh Kidz is a hip, trendy and cool line of deodorants that your kids will love to use every day!

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